Freshman Year… So Far.

Hello everybody! I should start by saying that I am a freshman at University of Rhode Island. I am majoring in English, and will be applying to the School of Education, where I will be majoring in Elementary Education (while also majoring in English). I plan to be an elementary school teacher and write on the side. I have wanted to be an author since age seven when I read Harry Potter. There will definitely be a blog about Harry Potter at some point. Maybe a few…or a dozen. Anyways, my point is that I will be writing about Harry Potter a lot.

I started at the University of Rhode Island September 5, 2012. I wasn’t a fan of the school the first couple of weeks I attended. the reason behind that is that I was supposed to go to Suffolk University in Boston. But, money got in the way, so I ended up at URI. I was lucky, because my mother has a friend who’s an alumni and he was able to get my admission status reinstated, as well as all of my financial aid.

I am now liking URI. I like the majority of my classes (except for calculus and URI 101, which has no purpose whatsoever). My favorite professor would have to be Professor Bibeau, my Gender & Women’s Studies professor, who reminds me a lot of my friend Georgia. *Shout out to Georgia’s two blogs–Wright Time For A Schnack, a food blog she does with her friend Caty, and The Georgia Gap, a blog she is writing during her gap year before heading to Brown University. CHECK THESE OUT!*

Anyways, Professor Bibeau is a cool person. About a month ago, I had a wonderful conversation with her about GWS and my future goals after class on her way to her office.

October 5th I saw one of the most amazing movies ever. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I suggest you read the book, and then see the movie. Both are equally heartwarming and heartbreaking. I wrote a paper about why you should read the book and see the movie for my WRT 201 class. I will definitely end up posting it, since I received an “A”–something I was very proud of.

Almost three weeks ago, on October 11, 2012, I received one of the worst pieces of news that I have ever heard. I came home from my father’s house (my parents are divorced–I am living at home since housing at URI is ridiculously expensive), excited to watch the Vice Presidential Debate. However, my excitement was brought to a halt when my mother told my sisters and I that our cat Amber was hit by a car and didn’t make it. My sisters had found Amber nearly five years ago when they were playing in the backyard of our townhouse (where we used to live). She came out of the woods, small, skinny, and crying. We brought her to our father’s house so she could have food (we have two cats at my dad’s house), and then to the vet, because my mom was scared that she might have rabies or some other harmful disease. She was fine, and we ended up keeping her in our upstairs bathroom, and put signs up around the neighborhood, in case someone had lost her. No one came to collect her, and we all ended up becoming attached to her, so we kept her. That is when we named her Amber, because she had fur of many different colors, but the most prominent was an amber color. It fit her very well. She was a very loving cat. She would lick us, and cuddle up on our beds or couches. She lived a wonderful life, because we all loved her, and she loved us. I will miss her terribly–it is as if a part of me is gone, because she was my companion. People say a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, Amber, a cat, was my best friend, and she was as equally protective and loving as a dog. She was only five years old–she left this Earth too early in her l life. Nevertheless, I know that I will see her someday in Heaven.

On another note, one that isn’t as personally somber, is that of the recent Hurricane Sandy, or, as it’s been dubbed, the “Frankenstorm.” This hurricane collided with a winter storm front from the midwest, and a cold front from Canada. It has destroyed much of the Eastern Seaboard, and peoples homes. New Jersey and NYC were destroyed the most, and the pictures I have seen are amazingly ghastly. Here in Rhode Island, Sandy did a lot of damage on the southern coastline, damaging Narragansett Beach, a landmark and tourist and resident hotspot.

And today is October 31, Halloween. Although I have heard that it has been postponed because of Sandy. I’m not sure about the details on that one.

Now that I am thinking about it, I should tell you what classes I am taking. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am taking Gender & Women’s Studies, Calculus, Psychology, Astronomy, and Rhetorical Writing. Next week I am registering for next semester’s classes, so I’ll be posting what classes I will be taking once I have finished the process.

For those celebrating Halloween tonight, have fun!

Until next time! Ciao!


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