Election Day 2012 and why I support President Obama

Happy Election Day 2012!! I got back from voting at the middle school down the street from my house about an hour ago, and damn do I feel proud to be a U.S. citizen and a woman. Today was the first time I have voted (I turned 18 in August) and I have to admit I was both nervous and excited. Who cares about being able to legally buy cigarettes or hire a stripper! Voting is what I was most excited about when I turned eighteen because I would be able to have a say on the future of our town, state, and country.

I have always been liberal ever since I educated myself about politics inside and outside of the country. My personal views, opinions, and expectations are identical with those of the Democratic Party. That is why I support President Barack Obama. But my reason behind my vote isn’t that vague, don’t worry! I have logical and reasonable explanations.

Since Barack Obama’s campaign for President in 2008, he has always stood by his idea of change. He instilled hope in many people’s hearts and souls who believed he could make a difference and get the United States out of the mess it was in. Yes, he made a lot of promises, most of which he was not able to keep, but the changes he has made are incredible, and are driving this country FORWARD, leaving President Bush and his administration’s destruction in the rear view mirror, fading away mile after mile.

One reason why I support President Obama was because of his ability to create jobs. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have provided numbers that show a decrease of job creation, which is completely untrue. Yes, the percentage of job growth in the private sector is small, but when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his percentage was LOWER than the POTUS’s. Yes, the unemployment is high, and Rhode Island, my home state, is even higher than the country’s average. However, many of the people who are unemployed continue to be unemployed because they do not take the effort or have the passion to look for a job! And if you said that this is bullshit, that it is the President’s fault that the unemployment is so high, you are wrong. My mom was laid off from her job in 2009. For 2 YEARS she was unemployed. She was part of the unemployment rate. She collected money for being unemployed. But, she did not take advantage of the system, like many people do. She had to provide for me and my two sisters. I was in high school, and my sisters were in middle school. I was going to be off to college in a few years. Every day that she was unemployed, she went to the local library as soon as it opened, and stayed there until it closed, using the computers to look for a job (we did not own a computer). For 2 years she did that. And last summer, she was hired at IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) in Newport, RI and after only working there for one year, she has been promoted. The only way you can get yourself out of unemployment is with hard work, determination, drive, passion, and effort. President Obama is trying to create programs where people can gain skills so that they can get jobs. He is stimulating the production of infrastructure, etc to create more jobs. President Obama is a job creator, through and through.

Another reason why I support President Obama is his advocation for women’s rights. I am a firm believer of pay equity and women being paid the same salary as a man when they have the same position. President Obama is striving to decrease the wage gap, taking is first stride by passing the Lilly Ledbetter Act in 2009. As a woman, if I ever have a job where a man holds the position as me, I would definitely want to be paid the same, not less.

Further more, I am strong supporter of same-sex marriage. I believe that everyone, no matter the gender or sex, deserve marriage. Marriage, like many other things, should not be a privilage. It should be a right. In May, President Obama came out to support same-sex marriage, and because of that, I am hoping that if he gets reelected, he will do something to legalize it, or at least take a step forward in doing so.

One last reason why I support President Obama (I will not be listing all reasons) is that he wants to help college students like me so we don’t graduate with extreme debt. He wants to lower tuitions, and lower loan interest rates, so that  a college education is not a privilage for the wealthy, but a right for kids of all economic and social classes. I was unable to go to the college of my choice because my family and I could not fill the money gap and were unable to attain a loan. I want kids that come after me, like my sisters (who just entered high school), to be able to go to the college of their choice without any hassle.

People may say it is not good to say who you support or who you voted for, but I am standing up for what I believe in. I can do it, celebrities can do it (because they are normal human beings too!), everyone can do it! Take, for example, Kate Walsh, actress: http://www.katewalsh.com/2012/11/video-why-im-voting-for-barack-obama/

So, if you haven’t already done so, vote!!! If you aren’t registered, you can still vote for President, but only for President. If you disagree with my opinions, then okay, you disagree. I am here, like many other people, just using my voice.


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