Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

Other than my title being part of a wonderful song from the The Sound of Music, it also stands for my love of music. Now, to clear this up, I like to sing along to songs, but I am not a natural born singer. However, I am very good with music, and have a very good ear–therefore I can stay on tune, or play the melody of a song on the piano by memory. I get my musical talent and appreciation from my mother, who is a former opera singer. Nevertheless, I am not building a career out of music. I am an aspiring author, but, you never know…I could end up also writing song lyrics sometime in my life.

I like a whole slew of different kinds of music. The only “music” I can’t stand at all is metal/screamo. It gives me a headache, and screaming is not “music” in my mind. I DO like country, rock, pop, rap, R&B, jazz, classical, acapella, latin, and many more genres. My favorites, however, are country and rock.

Tomorrow, I am going to see Carrie Underwood with a friend in Hartford, CT (my second time seeing her live!), and I am extremely excited. Carrie Underwood is my favorite country artist, as well as my favorite singer. I did not watch American Idol when she was on it, but when she released her first few singles after winning, I became an instant fan. Ever since listening to Carrie Underwood, I have loved country music. Beforehand, I wasn’t a fan. I used to not be fans of a lot of kinds of music, but now I have a much wider taste of music. In Rhode Island, where I live, country isn’t a popular genre. Many people dislike it, which I think is absurd. Other favorites of mine in the country genre are Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean…I could go on forever, really. But I won’t.

My other favorite genre, rock, is also something I’ve been warming up to. I used to only listen to rock from the most recent years: Green Day, Muse, and Coldplay. Now, I listen to rock bands from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. My taste of music actually goes back to the 1920s (with Frank Sinatra). I listen to The Beatles, Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, Poison, Joan Jett, and much more.

New bands and singers I have gotten into are One Night Only (indie rock band from the UK), Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Here is my playlist on Spotify, if you would like to listen to it! The majority of the songs are those that aren’t on my iPod, but I want them to be. I only have an 8GB iPhone right now, and it doesn’t fit as much as I’d like! I will be getting an upgrade early next year though…I can’t wait to have more space!

If anyone wants to comment with songs or artists you think I’d like, feel free to! I love to be introduced to new music!


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