Saturday Will Be The Day Where I Meet My First Celebrity

Yes. I have never met anyone famous in my life. It’s crazy, I know. My mother…she’s literally a celebrity magnet. She’s met John Legend, Jimmy Smits, and most importantly (at least, to me…), Emma Watson. But Saturday will be the day where I meet MY first celebrity, and as much as I would have liked it to be Emma Watson, it will not. Saturday, I will be meeting…wait for it…JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT!!!

He is coming to URI (where I go to school) that night for his Hit Record Mini Tour, and I am going to see him. I am hoping to have some interaction with him, but to just be in the same room as him makes my heartbeat quicken. I am EXTREMELY excited! I will write a post about it either Sunday or early next week, so stay tuned!

And just in case you aren’t sure of who he is (Which is ridiculous. Seriously, come out from under that rock), here are some of the movies he’s been in:


-500 Days of Summer


-The Dark Knight Rises


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