It’s finally December! Let’s reward you with 60 degree weather!

Hello everyone! I’ve been busy lately, so that is why I haven’t posted in a while. A while in my opinion is a week. Which may not be a while for some people. Anyways, I have had a lot of work for school, as this is the last week of my first semester of college!! *GASP* It went by so fast! It’s cray cray. Finals are within the next two weeks. I have one next week and three the following week. 

This weekend I worked two ten-hour shifts (I work at KFC), so now my feet are in pain. It hurts to walk. And I have irritation from the straps of my sports bra since I wore it for such a long time, so now i have four red lines on my shoulders. Yay me! At least I’ll be getting more moolah on my next pay check! 

So, December in Rhode Island has been weird, weather-wise. Any month in Rhode Island can be weird. But, December…it’s supposed to be thirty degrees and snowing! But, nope! It’s frickin’ 60 degrees out!! As much as I love the warmth and the bright sun, I want snow. Because it is supposed to snow in December. It was FREEZING last week. But then, Sunday, the weather decided to have a mood swing. I’m not a big fan of the cold, but I WANT SNOW! 

In other December news, I got my Christmas tree for my mom’s house!! I haven’t had the time to decorate it yet, but I will soon! I’m getting the tree for my dad’s house this weekend. I go to this tree place called Stop & Chop that I have been going to since I can remember. I always say hi to the owner’s kitty, who likes to sleep in the rafters of the little cabin-like building that holds the ornaments and wreaths. I also get free hot cocao and hot apple cider. I usually get hot cocao, but this past weekend I opted for cider. 

I hope everyone is having a nice December elsewhere in the country and world! Anyone have plans for their winter break? I do! The first couple weeks I’ll be sleeping and watching How I Met Your Mother, which I’m trying to catch up on so I can figure out who in the hell the mother is! Then, I’m going to NYC for a week with my friends in January! Well, time to go to calculus…(yuck).


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