Last Day of Exams and the Mayan Apocalypse!!

Today’s my last exam day everyone!!! Yayyyy!!!!! I’m in the building where my exam’s taking place, studying, waiting to go in the room (my exam starts in 2 hours). And then it’s freedom for one month!! Woohoo!!

So, I have some bad news. This post might be the last post I will ever post.





Sorry, Taylor. Didn’t mean to psych you out. But, yeah, fuck that. I know that there are people who believe in the Mayan Apocalypse, and I am definitely not one of them. Yes, it’s a bit intimidating (my friend will be on a plane tomorrow..yikes!), but the world is not going to end people! NASA made a video with factual evidence that no asteroid or planet will be hitting Earth! No, there will not be a zombie apocalypse, for those crazies out there. Only way that would happen is if everyone got high on bath salts and started chewing each other’s faces off.



Which won’t happen. No aliens will take over Earth, because really? We’re probably the most pathetic planet in the universe. Yeah, there’s a blizzard headed to New England, but I welcome it! Global warming has butchered our winter, and I’m happy to get snow. And it’s not going to be like “The Day After Tomorrow.” As much I love that movie, and love Jake Gyllenhaal, there won’t be a bunch of superstorms that freeze the northern hemisphere and cause a huge tsunami that puts NYC underwater.

Yes, things will happen in the world. Weather will happen, because there’s weather every day. People will die, because people die every day. People are also born each day. Nothing will happen to the Earth. We’ll still be here December 22, 2012. I expect to because I intend on seeing Les Miserables next week!

Now, on a serious note, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the familes affected in Newtown. It’s a serious tragedy. I’m not going to talk about the gunman, because it’s not him who should be remembered. It should be those 20 kids and 6 adults that are remembered. I have to praise President Obama on his statement he made that day, and on his speech at the interfaith service. He’s going to get shit done after what happened, and hopefully it’s going to be not only about gun laws, but about mental health as well. This article will put mental health in perspective:

As someone who is studying to be an elementary school teacher, I know that I would do anything to protect those children. Teachers are there primarily for the children. That is why they decided to take that road in their lives; to make a difference for the children.  That is why I am deciding to take that road. I love children, and I love working with them, teaching them how to succeed and progress in their education.

Again, I want to send my prayers to the families affected. I am crying with you. It is sad that something like this has to happen to initiate change in America. We all love you Newtown.

xoxo Isabel




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