Super Bowl XLVII

First things first…I am a Patriot’s fan. I was very unhappy after the game against the Ravens. They didn’t play well at all, and made some very huge mistakes that cost them an easy win.

So, here we are at the Super Bowl, and regrettably, the Patriots aren’t playing. So, I am rooting for the 49er’s. I don’t follow them, and I’m not a bandwagon fan, I’d just rather root for the team that didn’t just beat the Pats.

As much as I like watching a football game, for this one, I am more excited for the singing. Jennifer Hudson. Alicia Keys. Beyonce. Yay for the powerhouse women! I’m also excited to see the ads, even though it is beyond ridiculous that they pay millions of dollars to air a 30 second ad. Welcome to the United States of America!

Hope everyone has a good time watching the Super Bowl, or if you aren’t watching the Super Bowl, have a good time watching whatever you are watching.


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