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Harry Potter and Me: Part 6

~Mischief Managed~

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter movies. They brought the wizarding world to life. They made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry, made me smile. The acting is well done, the special effects are Oscar-worthy, and it is pure heaven.

Nevertheless, there are things about the movies that I do not like at all. The things I don’t like all have to do with what was and wasn’t included in them. Adaptation of a movie from a book is hard to do, especially with a 500 page book. However, there were things that really messed with my mind and annoyed me. There were things I felt were important to many key story lines that did not make the final cut. So, this post will be me ranting on a few of the things I wished they had done. If you don’t like ranting, you can leave. If you agree with what I say, or have some things you’d like to add that I did not mention, please feel free to comment! Harry Potter’s worst critics are the fans themselves. And I am one big fan.


Let me start with one of the biggest things that bugged me. Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Scene: The trio are on the bridge after the Battle of Hogwarts. Complaint: Okay, what do all the powers that be not get about wizards not being able to be wizards without a wand?? Wizards need wands. Wands need wizards. IT’S A TWO-WAY STREET. Harry was the owner of the Elder Wand. In the movie you see him break it, and throw it into the ravine. Yes, okay, he does that in the book. BUT, there is something VITAL he does beforehand! Remember when Hermione broke his wand in Godric’s Hollow from a rebounding spell??? Yeah, IT’S STILL BROKEN! In the book, Harry uses the Elder Wand to mend his own, because it was the wand that chose him, and he will only be his best with the wand that chose him. The Elder Wand, since it is the master of all wands, was the only way he could fix his wand. So tell me, why, in the movie, do we not see him mend his wand before destroying the Elder Wand? This implies that he no longer owns a wand. Obviously, us Harry Potter fans that have actually read the books, know he mends his wand, breaks the Elder Wand, and goes on with his life as a wizard. In the movie, the scene implies that he does not have a wand, therefore he can’t really be a wizard. Which is bad, considering he becomes an Auror! It’s hard to be an Auror without a wand. Actually, you most definitely can’t be an Auror without a wand. It’s impossible. The first time I saw this movie, I noticed that mistake RIGHT AWAY. So much, I had to whisper angrily to my friend two seats down about it. She just shushed me so she could watch the movie, which I understand, but man, I was annoyed. Nearly two years later, and I am still very annoyed. It’s simple wizard logic, and all the people that contributed to the movie either did not notice, or just didn’t think it was important. I hope to Albus Dumbledore (may he rest in peace), that they have realized the mistake they made.


Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Storyline: The house elves. Complaint: Well, the complaint here is that they just completely disregarded this storyline. I know that Goblet of Fire was material-heavy. I know that they had considered making two films out of it to fit more stuff. Oh how I wish they did, because they missed a storyline that had humor, romance, and social statements. It all starts at the Quidditch World Cup after the Death Eaters storm the camp. It is not Barty Crouch JR who casts the “Morsmordre” spell to put the Dark Mark in the sky, but rather Barty Crouch’s house elf, Winky. Barty Crouch JR uses the Cruciatus Curse on her to manipulate her into doing it. This leads her to be “set free” from being Barty Crouch’s house elf, which she does not like. She is one of the house elves that still believes in surving witches and wizards. She is then employed at Hogwarts to work in the kitchens. This starts the next segment of the storyline. Hermione finds out about the hundreds of house elves employed at Hogwarts who create their feasts, clean the house common rooms, and do many other chores. She believes this is unjust, that they are doing all this work and not given many rights (this is where the social statements begin to come in…). She creates S.P.E.W (not pronounced spew. It is Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Say it right. Or Hermione will not be happy.) and tries to make a whole campaign about it. Not only does this bring the aspect of social issues to the wizarding world, but it provides humor with the Hermione-Ron dynamic. She’s very stern and proud of this, but everyone else thinks of it as a joke. After all, the Hogwarts kids were all taught that house elves were made to serve others; made to work. It’s the only thing they know. Humorous (and sexual) tension ensues between Hermione and Ron, stemming from S.P.E.W, and causes their relationship to evolve.  Even if this didn’t play as much of a storyline in the movie, they could have still included it. I wouldn’t mind an extra 20-30 minutes if this were included. They would still make millions of dollars, and fans would still flock to the theaters. This storyline continues to the last book, and plays a VERY IMPORTANT part in a VERY IMPORTANT scene that EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR FOR YEARS. And thus, I lead you to the next part of my rant…

Movie Version (wrong version)

Movie Version (wrong version)

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Scene: Ron and Hermione Kiss. Complaint: No. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No. No. Just no. Yes I smiled and clapped when they kissed, but gulpin gargoyles, they did it ALL WRONG. Wrong set up, wrong location, wrong foreplay, wrong EVERYTHING. This is what it should have been: Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the Room of Requirement, after getting all the younger students out through the picture passage. Ron and Hermione had just come back from the Chamber of Secrets, and Hermione was holding a bunch of basilisk fangs in her arms. Hermione mentions how everyone is

What it was supposed to be like.

What it was supposed to be like.

safe. But then Ron is like, “What about the house elves?” And Hermione looks at him, and in that moment, she drops the basilisk fangs and runs into his arms, and plants a kiss on his lips. They start making out, and then Harry (who is always the awkward third wheel), is like, “Oy, there’s a war going on here!!” And Ron’s like, “Sorry, mate. It’s now or never.” And Hermione is smiling and blushing. A PERFECT MOMENT. A PERFECT KISS. Now, why oh why could they not do that in the movie? I don’t know their reasons, but seriously, I don’t know if they tried to make it more convenient for them, but it was not right. I had been waiting for this moment for FOUR YEARS. And it was completely wrong. Not to mention, the kiss they did in the movie, Ron’s head was devouring Hermione’s. No. Like I said in the beginning, just no. No no no no no no no no no no.

Those are the three biggest things that annoyed me from the movies. I think that is enough rant for one blog post, so I will finish here. But like I said in the beginning of this post, you are most welcome to do your own rants in the comments below. I encourage it!


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Harry Potter and Me: Part 4

*From here on out, these posts will be written in first person, as they are more of opinion posts, and aren’t really telling any stories about me personally.*

~Music Makes the Movie~

You hear it. The sounds of violins and other instruments playing a melodious tune that you recognize instantly. The Harry Potter song, or, it’s formal title, “Hedwig’s Theme.” Everyone knows this piece of music. Even those who aren’t fans of the movies. Yet, they know it, because it is the Harry Potter movies’ musical identity. It plays all around the world. I even heard Harry Potter music that was on the radio in a shop in Santorini.

The Harry Potter movies are great, but without the music, like any other movie or TV show, it would be far less interesting. Music evokes emotion; it makes you cry, smile, rock out. A world isn’t complete until music is added to it. The brilliant John Williams, composer and conductor, scored the first three Harry Potter movies. I absolutely love John Williams. John Williams is the MAN! (Reference to youtube video, which I will provide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGYAPr6UKhs) I was actually able to see him conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra last summer in Boston (duh..), and it was absolutely amazing. Although they didn’t perform any Harry Potter songs, they performed songs from ET, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and various America-themed songs. I went with my friend Acacia, who’s also a big Harry Potter fan, and we were geeking out. We also found it funny that we were surrounded by rich people cloaked in Burberry jackets and drinking $15 dollar drinks (a small glass of watter was $3!!!). That’s what we got for getting table seats, but for $100, it was totally worth it.

The other movies were composed by Patrick Doyle (Goblet of Fire), Nicholas Hooper (Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince), and Alexandre Desplat (Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and 2). Each have different styles and takes on the movies and the way they describe them through their scores, making them unique. Yet, all fully embrace and define Harry Potter correctly. Here are samples from each composer:

-John Williams: Harry and Lupin talking on the bridge at Hogwarts…

-Patrick Doyle: Scene of the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, as the champions prepare to enter…

-Nicholas Hooper: Scene where they are all at Fred and George’s shop…

-Alexandre Desplat: Scene where Harry, Hermione, and Ron are running through the courtyard, dodging spiders, trolls, and spells…

I have almost every soundtrack (only missing 2, 3, and 5), and the songs take up at least 1GB on my iPod. When I listen to the songs, I get pretty into it. This probably doesn’t shock you, especially if you have read all of the Harry Potter and Me posts. You should know by now how obsessed I am. Nevertheless, the music puts you in the moment. If you listen to the music, you can picture the scene it was in in your mind. You remember how you felt in that scene. Like I said before, each piece of music evokes emotion. The actors portray their character’s emotion, but the music brings it even further to life. It carries the scene, and moves it along. The music makes the movie.

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Harry Potter and Me: Part 2

~Midnight Duels at the Movies~


When Isabel saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in theaters with her parents, she was in awe. The movie had brought her favorite characters to life. There they were, right in front of her. All she wanted to do was to jump into the screen and transform into a Hogwarts student. She wanted to walk the grounds of Hogwarts and have conversations with her fellow witches and wizards. She wanted to go to the classes and learn all sorts of things about magic and the magical world. She wanted to play quidditch, and feel the thrill of flying through the air on a broomstick. She wanted to eat the wondrous feasts that were prepared for the students in the Great Hall. Seeing the beginning of Harry’s journey come alive was paradise for Isabel. She gasped when Voldemort was revealed. She had thought about what he would look like, and he was as scary as she imagined.


Isabel saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with her grandmother at the cinemas in the Providence Mall. The big screen, which was larger than average, made the visual experience even more grand. However, she was dissapointed, just like she was when reading the book, that Hermione wasn’t in this one as much. Hermione was Isabel’s favorite character. She related to her and her nerdiness. The actress who played Hermione Granger, Emma Watson, became Isabel’s favorite actress. To this day, Isabel continues to look up to her as a role model.


The third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was a true adventure. Isabel went with her best friend Megan and her parents opening day (which happened to be a Friday), and had the most glorious time. The movie hyped her up, excitement running through her veins. For hours on end after the movie finished, Isabel and her friend reenacted the scene where Hermione punched Draco. That ended up being Isabel’s favorite scene from the movie. If you ever meet Isabel, she will gladly reenact it for you, complete with British accents. “You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!” “Hermione, he’s not worth it.” PULLS BACK HER WAND–PUNK’D!–BLAM YOU JUST GOT PUNCHED! “That felt good.” “Good?? Brilliant!”


When Isabel went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it was a special circumstance. When the movie came out, she was in sixth grade. As a field trip, the whole entire sixth grade went to go see the movie. One of the greatest cinematic reveals occured in this movie…the ressurection of Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter had gone to a whole new level. Now, it is known that tween Isabel already knew everything that was going to happen in the movie–her mom always told her, “You have to read the book before you see the movie!” Isabel was ahead of the game when it came to Harry Potter. But even so, when Isabel saw the movie, she knew that it was her favorite of all the movies so far.


It was a warm summer night in July when Isabel went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at midnight It was her first time ever seeing a Harry Potter movie at midnight, and Isabel was extremely excited. She attended the event with her friend Megan and her parents, arriving at the movie theaters at six o’clock. They were third in line. What made this experience even more exhilerating was that in two weeks time, the final Harry Potter book was going to be released. As she was waiting in line, playing Harry Potter Uno (naturally), a news reporter came up to the line of people. She was here interviewing attendees what they thought was going to happen in the last book. Isabel was one of the interviewed attendees. She was asked the question above, and she answered with this: “I think Harry is going to die. He is a horcrux, because Voldemort accidentally made him into one and Dumbledore’s been hinting on it in the other books. So the only way to kill Voldemort is if Harry, Ron, and Hermione destroy all the horcruxes. I think either Ron or Hermione is going to have to kill Harry. I know it’s sad to say it, but that’s the only way they’d be able to defeat Voldemort. And they will.” Isabel’s prediction was almost true. The interview, which is not online, can only be found on a video tape her friend’s grandmother had taped. This moment was one of the most thrilling Harry Potter moments Isabel had been in. The wait inside the theater was equally as thrilling. People were dressed to the max. There was Hagrid, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Bellatrix, and many more characters. Isabel believed that the midnight showings for a Harry Potter movie were for TRUE fans. As in, they have actually read the books. If you are someone who has only seen the movies, and attends a midnight release, you just ruin it because you will definitely not have the same reactions as ones who have read the books.


On to the sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! This movie’s midnight showing emphasized Isabel’s dedication. You see, Isabel was in Italy. She had gone there for two and a half weeks by herself to visit her family, and she was coming back the day before the movie’s release–or, the day she was going to the midnight showing. Like she does before all the movies come out, Isabel re-read all the Harry Potter books up to that point. All Isabel did on the flight home was read and sleep. She was determined to finish the book. Her flight came into Boston around 1pm. Isabel’s dad and sisters were there to pick her up, and they left immediately. They stopped at Friendly’s on the way home because Isabel hadn’t eaten since she before she had left Italy. You see, Isabel hated airplane food. The taste, even the smell, made her nauseous. So by the time they left Friendly’s, it was about 4pm. Her dad raced home, because as soon as she got home, she was quickly getting things together to go to Megan’s, and then immediately go to the theaters. Luckily, she got to her friend’s house around 5:30pm, and was at the theater by 6:30pm. Again, they were one of the first few people there. However, while they were waiting to be let in, Isabel couldn’t be distracted, because she only had about 100 pages left in the sixth book. Long story short, she was able to finish the book (50 points to Gryffindor!), and the movie experience was spectacular as always.


The penultimate movie experience was a sad one. This was Isabel’s last Harry Potter midnight premiere. You may be confused, because there was still one more movie that was coming out the following year. But yet, it was Isabel’s last Harry Potter midnight premiere. The reason? She would be in Greece when the final movie came out. She was excited to go to Greece, but she was still sad she wouldn’t be able to experience the final Harry Potter movie the way she had been for the past few movies. So she decided to go all out for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. She dressed up as Hermione Granger, her absolute favorite character. She took pictures so she would remember it forever. And when she saw the movie, she cried. A lot. Not only because of the deaths in the movie, but also because of this whole experience. She knew she would never experience something like this ever again. Nothing could ever be equivalent to a Harry Potter midnight showing. Nothing.

So how did Isabel see the final movie? She was coming back the day after it was opening in the U.S. She HAD to see it opening day. But she couldn’t. She was in Greece on a school field trip. But then a miracle happened, delivered straight from Dumbledore in Wizard Heaven. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was opening in Greece before it was opening in the U.S. The last day they were in Athens, Isabel and her friends scrambled around the section of the city they were in, asking restaurant waiters and shop owners if there was a movie theater nearby, and if it had the movie in English. When she and her friends were eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, they found out that what they were looking for was real. There was a movie theater only two blocks away from the hotel everyone was staying at. And they were playing the movie in English with Greek subtitles. There was more scrambling as they asked if people would be interested in going to see the last Harry Potter movie with them. Many were (there were about 100 students on the trip). People wanted to go, but there was one person they had to get the all clear from. Ms. Mason. She was the leader of the trip, and without her permission, Isabel and her friends’ desperate attempts to see the movie would go kerplunk. Early in the afternoon, they all went to Poseidon’s Temple. There, they gathered the courage to ask her if they would be able to organize an outing for the students to go see the movie. They told her the movie time, and that many people were interested. However, she would only let them and other students go if they gave her a list of all the students going so everyone would be accounted for. Also, they had to be back to the hotel within a half hour after the movie ended. So this is how it went down. There were two busses carrying the students. Isabel took down a list of names of people that wanted to go on her bus, and one of her friends collected the money from those people. On the other bus, Isabel’s friend Sarah did the same thing. Suddenly, disaster struck. Isabel’s bus had left on its way back to the hotel, but the other bus broke down with a flat tire. Were the other people going to make it? No one knew. They had to go buy the tickets, and they were hoping the other bus would get there in time to buy theirs. Isabel and her friends went to go buy the tickets for the people on her list, and just as they got back, they were notified that the other bus had finally made it back. Sarah and a few others were on their way to get their tickets. Once everyone was back, they gave the lists to Ms. Mason. Everyone ate quickly and the mob of Americans (about half of the people on the trip) began their way to the theater. They took a group picture in front of the giant Harry Potter poster. They filed into the movie theater, where they took up most of the space. The movie started…and then…THERE WAS AN INTERMISSION. WHAT?! The Americans were astounded. Some had heart attacks. Some yelled out comments. One that was particularly funny to Isabel and others was: “I didn’t know Harry Potter went to the disco!” The comment had been funny because the “intermission” was in bright neon coloring like it was from the seventies. Isabel was sobbing because the intermission had come right after Snape died, and there being an intermission just made her sob even more. Her friend Jess had to give her tissues. The Americans were going hysterical while the few Greeks in the theater were just casually walking out to get snacks like it was no big deal. It was a big deal for the Americans. Ten minutes later, the movie continued, and everything calmed down. And once the movie ended, Isabel was just quiet. Quiet and softly crying. It was over. Harry Potter was over.


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