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Oscar Sunday


Oscar Sunday came and went, and all that’s left is a bunch of hungover winners and losers (save for Quvenzhané Wallis, obviously). Nevertheless, the night was most certainly a glamorous and amazing one! This year, Seth MacFarlane had his turn as host (and may I say, in my opinion, he did a magnificent job at that). I have been hearing of complaints that the Oscars were boring, too outrageous, etc. But this is from the older crowd, so they don’t count. Well, they do, but really, nowadays, award shows are always trying to get the younger audience. Especially with the Oscars, which is a traditional awards show that has been around for a long time, and not many young people are that interested. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games franchise was nominated, but the majority of the Hunger Games fandom, of which are of the younger crowd, would not have seen Silver Linings Playbook (because it’s rated R). Also, many tweens do not know what Oscar-worthy acting is. I would expect many of them wonder why Kristen Stewart hasn’t been nominated (more on that girl later…). This blog post will serve as an opion piece of what I liked the most and what I did not like, so I hope you guys enjoy it!




The night opened up with Seth MacFarlane being visited by the future Captain Kirk (William Shatner and Star Trek, for those of you who don’t know pop culture) to tell the comedic host that he became the worst host ever. Future Captain Kirk would show Seth what he did wrong, and Seth would do something to try to make the critics’ reviews change. Now, I would put the link to the video here, but I have not found anything on youtube. Anyways, the opening monologue was HILARIOUS. I had always known it would be hilarious with Seth MacFarlane hosting, and he started it off superbly. And all those guest cameos? Channing Tatum (drooling at the moment…)! Charlize Theron! Daniel Radcliffe (wizard in the houseee!!)!! Joseph Gordon-Levitt (drooling again…)! They were dancing and singing and dancing and singing. In other words, it was amazing.


Another moment I particularly enjoyed during the telecast was, well, every time winners spoke too long and the “play-off” music came on. Normally, this wouldn’t be something to be enjoyed, but for God’s sakes, it was the Jaws theme! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?! By the way, this was a music-in-movies-themed Oscars, which I was very delighted about. Especially since all the performances were amazing. My favorites? I loved the movie musical performances with Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago), Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls), and the Les Miserables cast. Oh my, the Les Miserables cast. I seriously started tearing up hearing them sing “One Day More.” There’s just so much emotion in that song, and it was clearly emphasized with their completely-in-character performance! I also loved Adele, because, well, she’s Adele. Although, I had trouble hearing her voice at some points. Maybe it was the mic, or her being nervous (as my mother suggested). But I don’t think Adele would be THAT nervous. She’s too Britishly cool to be nervous around a bunch of actors. Oh, and we can’t forget Barbra Streisand. She rarely performs live, especially for live television, but this was a wonderful exception.

Of course, Seth MacFarlane’s jokes were insanely innapropriate, button pushing, and offensive. Like I said, of course. That is the type of comedian he is, and there’s examples of that every Sunday night on FOX. He made a joke about Chris Brown and Rihanna. He made a joke (or a song) about boobs. The list goes on. However, I found them funny. Because he makes hilarious jokes. He’s a hilarious guy! For those who are complaining, there’s really no one else you can blame except for the person that hired him. Obviously the person who hired him to host knew his reputation.

Now, I’m going to talk about the girl. Yeah, that girl. The pale one with one facial expression who doesn’t brush her hair when she goes out in the public. Don’t know who I’m talking about yet? Kristen Stewart. I don’t even want to start my disgust when I saw her at the red carpet, or my extreme disgust when she walked on to the Oscar stage. This is the “actress” who just won a bunch of Razzies (awards show celebrating the WORST movies/actors of the year). She won a Razzie for Worst Actress. She didn’t even attend the event. But she attended the Oscars? And she presented? With DANIEL RADCLIFFE?! First of all, I know that Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the best actor out there, but at least he has acting skills! He was qualified to walk on that stage, but Kristen Stewart…she was not. If you saw the telecast last night, you could tell her mind was somewhere else. She wasn’t even paying attention to the teleprompter so she knew when to speak. I swear, her face looked EXACTLY the same as it did in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Snow White and the Huntsman, and all the other movies she managed to get a part in. Since I’ve dedicated a whole paragraph on this one presenter, you have probably figured out how much I dislike her. Seriously, what did she have to do to get on that stage?? Even when she was sitting in the audience, her face just said: uninterested. unemotional. what’s going on? where am I? All in all, she did not seem in the right frame of mind. But, then again, is she ever? Oh, and if any of you are avid Twilight fans who absolutely love everything Twilight and think it is the best movie EVER and the best thing on this planet, please feel free to comment so I can  shut you down with an argument that will have 100x more emotion than your prescious Bella…and you can’t even see my face while I’m writing it!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system (sorry to those who really don’t care)….

On to the awards! I ended up watching a lot of the major movies nominated this year, and they were all really good. I was so happy when Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress (which was a given), and I liked how she ended with how she hopes there won’t be women like Fantine for long in this world. True that! Best Supporting Actor went to Cristoph Waltz, who was really funny in Django Unchained. I reccomend watching that movie. I’m just going to add in a link for a clip from the movie. One of the funniest scenes, in fact– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLwjCvxp8AQ

Ben Affleck

Best Director went to Ang Lee. I had no opinion on his win, as I have not seen Life of Pi. I want to though! I was hoping for Steven Spielberg, since he is the MAN. I wish the Academy had nominated Ben Affleck…they messed up there. Speaking of Ben Affleck, he and his team won Best Picture for Argo (Yayy!!). It was well deserved, and I couldn’t help but let out an “awwwww” at Ben Affleck, who you could tell was completely in shock and about to breakdown crying. Argo was a brilliant movie, and I definitely recommend seeing it. Other movies that were nominated but won a couple to none awards I suggest are Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook, 5 Broken Cameras (documentary), How to Survive a Plague (documentary), and ParaNorman.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Best Actor went to Daniel Day-Lewis, which wasn’t surprising at all. LIke a wonderful gentleman he is, he gave an eloquent speech that was so darn adorable! My favorite win of the night, other than Argo winning Best Picture, had to be Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) for Best Actress. Holy hell was she amazing in that movie. She’s amazing in general! And yes, she did fall on her way to accept the award, but man did she recover from that! Only someone with her personality and grace could recover so smoothly from that.

So, that is my opinion post about the 2013 Oscars. I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and if you want to add your comments about the telecast (your favorite/least favorite moments, favorite performances, favorite winner, speech, etc…), feel free to!


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I Spy….(Insert celebrity name)

Last weekend, my two friends and I went to New York City, and we had the best time there. It wasn’t that cold out, but there was a bit of overcast and fog. But we didn’t let the lack of sunshine to ruin our weekend! We left Jan. 11 in the morning via Megabus (definitely use this when traveling…it’s CHEAP), and spent four hours listening to music and goofing off. I am confident and proud to say that my friend Sam and I totally rocked out to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. We’re cool like that. We arrived to Brooklyn, where we were staying, around 5pm, and relaxed a bit before going back out to the city to see a play.

We went to see Golden Boy, with Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter), Seth Numrich, and Tony Shaloub (Monk) at the Belasco Theatre. First things first, it was really good. The acting was amazing. Before the play started, and we were waiting in the lobby, my friend Acacia recognized someone, or as she said, “the girl from National Treasure.” Yes, Diane Kruger. I was the one who knew her name, like a TV/movie fanatic should, DUH. After getting into the theatre, and taking our seats, Sam went to the bathroom (yes, tmi, but it is important to the outcome of the story), and on her way, saw Diane Kruger at the bar with a couple friends. When she came back, we all decided to go down to the bar to ask her for a picture. After arguing who should go up and speak to her, I gave in and said I would. Because I am so smart and creative in my methods of introducing myself to a celebrity, I went up to her and said, “Sorry to bother you, but you look a lot like Diane Kruger.” I know, I’m so classy. We ended up getting a picture with her, which was taken by her boyfriend Joshua Jackson (actor from Fringe, Dawson’s Creek). We didn’t recognize Joshua Jackson at first, but I knew him from somewhere. Later in the night, I realized who he was. We felt so stupid, not realizing that he was also famous.

Acacia, Sam, and I were in the fifth row, dead in the center. Great view. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson ended up having their seats three rows infront of ours. After the play ended, and we went outside to wait beside the stage door, it was nearly midnight. The actress I was completely excited to meet, Yvonne Strahovski, came out just before midnight, and I was able to get a picture with her and her autograph on my Chuck Season 5 DVD. I was completely starstruck, as she is one of my favorite actresses.

The next day, we started off by going down to the World Trade Center. We went in St. Paul’s Chapel, the church that stood its ground and suffered no casualties from 9/11. I had been there before, but it still brings tears to your eyes, knowing what people went through. After spending some time there, we walked nearly four miles up to the area where the Empire State Building is. We visited the Strand Bookstore, which is a bookworm’s ultimate fantasy. We then took a subway to Times Square, where we went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in the Discovery Center with the family we were staying with. I could LIVE in that place. I had gone to the exhibition in Boston, but it was even better the second time around. After going to the exhibition, we walked around Times Square a bit, where we saw Nick Cannon filming for Nickelodeon, and then headed up to Carmines on the Upper West Side. Carmines is an Italian restaurant that is meant for a large group of people because when you order something, it is served in a big, family sized platter. Let me just say, I approve. Or, in HIMYM terms, I put my stamp of approval. I suggest getting the fried calamari and tiramisu if you go there, because they are both really good. After eating at Carmines, my friends and I went to Columbus Circle and walked along Central Park South, and then walked down Fifth Ave to Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

Sunday was our predetermined shopping day. We started by going to Chinatown, and shopped around there, and had lunch at Nice Green Bo. We then made our way up to the Upper East Side, where we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar on 3rd Ave and 60th St. We stopped by the New York Palace Hotel and then went to Fifth Ave, and shopped our way down to Times Square. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, which although is a bit pricy, has great food. We got back to Brooklyn in time to relax and watch the Golden Globes. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were AMAZING hosts. Everyone has already said this, but they should seriously host everything. I was happy for Jennifer Lawrence, the Les Mis cast, Ben Affleck, and Jessica Chastain. TV, I didn’t really care about, but I cheered when Lena Dunham won, because after seeing her ad for President Obama, I have wanted to start watching her TV show.

Monday, unfortunately, was our last day. Extreme sad face. We slept in, and had breakfast in Brooklyn. At the subway station, I was pretty confident that I saw the actress Mammie Gummer (sp?..from Emily Owens M.D. and The Ward). We then went to Columbus Circle, where the film, Winter’s Tale was filming (I have a website for filming locations).We were a bit early, so we walked around Central Park, and took some pictures. After seeing people begin to crowd around the corner of Central Park and Columbus Circle, we went over, where we saw that they were finishing setting up to film. We ended up seeing Jennifer Connelly, and were probably in one of the scenes they filmed before us and many others were moved, since we weren’t official extras or background actors. Oh how  I wish I was.

That was the end of our trip, and we headed back to Rhode Island on a long bus ride, where we took shifts charging our phones since only a few of the outlets on the bus worked. Acacia, Sam, and I had a great time there, and we definitely want to go back! Maybe in the summer though, when it is warm and sunny! The weather was a bit dreary when we were there. Nevertheless, New York City is truly a wonderful city, and I love going there. I want to live there at some point…I am a big city person. I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year, and will continue to!

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Exam number 1…complete!

Just finished my Astronomy exam about 45 minutes ago. I have to say, I’m confident that I did well on it. As for the rest of exam time…

I have a 3000 word paper due Monday that I submit online for my WRT 201 course. I have a Psychology exam Monday morning, a Calculus exam Tuesday night, and my last exam, Gender & Women’s Studies, Thursday morning. I can’t wait until it’s all done! Thursday, I am going to see The Hobbit after I finish my exam with my best friend who is coming home from Pittsburgh (she goes to Point Park) this weekend!!!! I’m so excited! The Hobbit is my light at the end of the tunnel.

Another thing I am looking forward to: What will happen December 21, 2012? I don’t believe the world’s going to end, but it is going to be interesting to see how society reacts on that day and if anything major (but not major enought to cause the world to end) will occur. All I know, is that December 21 means that there’s FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL LES MISERABLES! I am EXTREMELY excited for this film. I am trying to persuade my dad to let me go see it Christmas night, but as of now, it has not worked. I am going to try to see it ASAP.

In other big blockbuster movie news, I finally was able to watch The Dark Knight Rises. It. Was. Amazing. Incredible acting, incredible cinematography, incredible set design, incredible everything! And, I have to admit, I sobbed like a baby when I thought Bruce Wayne/Batman died. Then I smiled like a child in a candy store when it turned out that he was actually alive. Great, great movie.

So, anyways, I’m definitely losing sleep from studying for exams and whatnot. When I’m under stress like this I don’t usually express it by becoming a bit “crazy” like some of my friends have. I just feel extremely tired. Oh, how I can’t wait until I can sleep in! Any other college students feeling the stress? Comment about how you deal with it, and how you prepare for your exams in order to do well. Others might like the advise!

Also, I have an announcement! Is anyone interested in going to NYC from Providence from Jan. 9-Jan. 14? I have a reservation number for 3 bus seats on Megabus, roundtrip, that I am selling. Obviously, it will only work for you if you live in Rhode Island. However, if you are interested, or know someone who might be, let me know! Comment on this post with your email, name, and if you’re from RI or not (I will not approve the comment so others can’t see it), and I will send you a message with all the information about the tickets and how much I’m selling them for (which will be a lot less than you will find anywhere online).

Thank you everyone and good luck to those taking exams!

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